system information

Speccy Portable System Information Tool

Speccy Portable System Information ToolSpeccy is a Portable System Information Tool. It can be used to quickly obtain and display detailed specifications or specs of the system hardware and operating system installed on a computer.

HWiNFO - System Hardware Information Tool

System Information - HWiNFO32HWiNFO is a professional system hardware information and diagnostic tool that provides comprehensive information about a computer's hardware components. It is designed to support both novice and expert users in providing accurate and detailed information about the system's configuration, performance, and stability.

SIV - System Information Viewer Tool

system-information-viewerSIV is a Portable System Information Tool that can be used to view hardware and software information related to the system it is being run from. For example, SIV could be used to display Windows info, Network info, Hardware device info, CPU info, PCMCIA info, PCI info, USB info, Hardware Sensors, Machine Info, Operating System Information and much more.

AIDA32 - System Information Tool

AIDA32 System Information ToolAIDA32 is a portable and personal system information tool. It can be used to retrieve and display detailed information regarding the hardware and software installed on a computer.

CPU Z - Portable System Information

CPU-ZCPU Z is a tiny portable system information tool that can be used to check and display CPU, Memory, Motherboard and Operating System information (including Direct X version). The software utility can also be used to bench test or stress test your CPU.