securely delete files

HDShredder - Securely Wipe a Drive

HD Shredder - Disk Wiping ToolHDShredder is a Disk Wiping file deletion tool offered by Miray Software that can be used to securely wipe a drive or delete all data or contents from a drive or partition. It is important to note that while HDShredder can be used to erase an entire drive, storage device, or partition, there is no option to delete specific files or folders.

DP Shredder Portable File Shredder

DP Shredder - Portable File ShreddingDP Shredder is a free and portable file shredder. This secure file deletion tool can be used to delete files or complete folders permanently from your USB flash drive or internal hard drive.

WipeDisk - Portable File Deletion Tool

WIpeDiskWipeDisk is a small portable secure file deletion tool. It can be used to securely wipe both logical and physical hard disks, USB flash memory sticks and micro sd cards.

DPWiper Portable Secure File Deletion

DPWipeDPWiper is a small portable file shredder utility that allows a user to delete or "Wipe" both files and folder securely via Drag & Drop. With it, a user can delete files normally (not secure), utilize a Single overwrite by performing a DoD Wipe (US Department of Defense of Defense 5220.

UltraShredder - Portable File Shredder

UltraShredderUltraShredder is a Portable application that allows a user to Securely Delete or Shred files. It does this by overwriting the information with random charactors.