HDShredder – Securely Wipe a Drive

HDShredder is a Disk Wiping file deletion tool offered by Miray Software that can be used to securely wipe or delete all data or contents from a drive or partition. It is important to note that while HDShredder can be used to erase an entire drive, storage device, or partition, there is no option to delete specific files or folders. The Freeware version is simply limited on its processing speed. This drive shredder can be stored on a USB device and then run via the hdshredder.exe file.

HDShredder – Securely Wipe a Drive and Delete Data

HD Shredder - Disk Wiping Tool


Authors Website: https://www.miray-software.com/HDShredder

Filesize: 26.9MB

License: Freeware

Download: You can get this Disk Wiping Tool HERE

This Portable Application is filed under: Secure File Deletion Tools 

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