portable web browser

SlimJet Portable Web Browser

SlimJet Portable Web BrowserSlimJet is a Portable Web Browser that was formerly called SlimBoat. This Portable Browser is amazingly fast to startup and load web pages.

Pale Moon Portable - Web Browser

Pale Moon Portable BrowserPale Moon Portable is a Stand Alone Web Browser created by Moonchild Productions. This Portable Browser is based on a minimalist Firefox framework, but is entirely optimized for modern chipsets.

SRWare Iron Portable Web Browser

Iron Portable Web BrowserSRWare Iron is a Portable Web Browser based on the extremely fast Google Chrome Browser (Chromium) source code. It is essentially the same, with a singular focus on user privacy.

K-Meleon - Portable Web Browser

KMeleon Portable Web BrowserK-Meleon is a Free and Portable Web Browser that can be run portably from USB. Based on the Gecko Engine created and used by Mozilla Firefox, the Portable K-Meleon Web Browser is lightweight and extremely fast.

QtWeb - Portable Web Browser

qtweb-portable-browserNeed a clean and simple Portable Web Browser? QtWeb is an Open Source Portable Browser that can be stored and run directly from a USB device.