SlimJet Portable Web Browser

SlimJet is a Portable Web Browser that was formerly called SlimBoat. This Portable Browser is amazingly fast to startup and load web pages.

Some key features include a Bing Search Engine, translator for quick language translation, pop up blocker to block popup ads - In addition to a built in ad blocker similar to adblock to block all other forms of advertisements. A download manager to help you finally manage your file downloads. Along with a web inspector tool that is similar to firebug. And last but not least, a YouTube Video Downloader.

It is powered by the webkit engine and was originally created by FlashPeak Inc.

Portable Web Browser SlimJet

SlimJet Portable Web Browser
Authors Website: Project Home Page
Extracted Size: 265 MB
License: Freeware
Download: You can get this Portable Internet Web Browser HERE