Google Chrome Portable

Google Chrome Portable is a version of the popular Chrome web browser that is portable, meaning it can be run from a USB drive or other portable device without the need to install it on a computer. This allows users to take their browser and bookmarks with them and use it on any computer they have access to.

The following browser is a standalone version of the popular Google Chrome Web Browser also known as Chromium. This particular USB storable/launchable version was originally made portable for Microsoft Windows users by Carsten Knobloch.

Run a Portable Google Chrome from USB

Google Chrome Portable

Portable Chrome Specs | Official Site | Where to Download?

Note: As quoted from the Author; "Chromeloader.exe is a simple AutoIt Script compiled into an exe file. ChromeLoader.exe was packed with UPX. If you get an error from your Antivirus software, it is likely a false positive".

How to use Portable Chrome

To install and use this Chrome standalone internet web browser:

  1. Download and extract the contents of the zip to your flash drive.
    (You should end up with a PortableGoogleChrome folder on your USB)
  2. Simply use the Chromeloader.exe to launch the portable browser from your USB drive.
    ~ Saved settings and changes are stored in the profile folder.

Note that you can also use the included Chrome Updater.exe to keep the portable browser up to date.