Google Chrome Portable

Google Chrome Portable is a standalone version of the popular Google Chrome Web Browser also known as Chromium. The Browser was made portable for Microsoft Windows users by Carsten Knobloch.

Run Google Chrome Portable from USB

Google Chrome Portable

Authors Website: Portable Version Project Page

License: Open Source/Freeware

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

Download: Download Portable Google Chrome

Note: As quoted from the Author; “Chromeloader.exe is a simple AutoIt-Script compiled into an exe file. ChromeLoader.exe was packed with UPX. If you get an error from your AntiVirus software, it is a false positive”.

How to use this Portable Version of Chrome

To install and use this standalone internet web browser,

  1. Download and extract the contents of the zip to your flash drive. You should end up with a PortableGoogleChrome folder on your USB.
  2. Simply use the Chromeloader.exe to launch the portable browser from your USB drive. Saved settings and changes are stored in the profile folder.