portable system information tool

Everest Home Edition - System Information

Everest Home EditionEverest Home Edition is a Portable and Free System Information Utility created by FinalWire Ltd (Lavalys). Much like SIW, it can be used to display information regarding a PC's system hardware without opening the case (useful for diagnostics and upgrading).

Spec Check - System Information Utility

Spec Check - System InfoSpec Check is a Free and Portable System Information Utility or tool created by Matthew Laverack. It can be used to display information about a computers hardware and software.

AVG Rescue CD Anti-Virus USB

AVG Rescue USBAVG Rescue CD (for USB Sticks) is a "portable version of AVG Anti-Virus supplied through Linux distribution". Created by AVG, the USB flash drive version offers a stand alone bootable AntiVirus, AntiSpyware, and System Recovery Solution.

System Explorer

system-explorerSystem Explorer is a Free portable tool that can be used to display detailed information about Windows processes, Tasks, Modules, Startup Entries, Drivers, IE Addons, Uninstallers, Services, Connections and Opened Files. The Build System Report feature can be used to create a detailed text report containing all of the essential information about your Computer System.

SIV - System Information Viewer Tool

SIV is a Portable System Information Tool that can be used to view hardware and software information related to the system it is being run from. For example, SIV could be used to display Windows info, Network info, Hardware device info, CPU info, PCMCIA info, PCI info, USB info, Hardware Sensors, Machine Info, Operating System Information and much more.