portable instant messenger

Portable Instant Messenger Software Applications that can be stored and run entirely from a USB Flash Drive

Digsby Portable IM Email Social Networking


Digsby is an All-In-One Instant Messaging, Email, and Social Networking tool created by dotSyntax LLC. It can be used to manage all your IM, email and social network accounts with one tool using one login. A Digsby Portable Install option exists for installing to a USB device.

X-Pidgin – Portable Chat Messenger

X-Pidgin - Free Portable Chat Client

X-Pidgin is another great Free Portable Instant Messenger Client (based on Pidgin) offered by winPenPack. Pidgin is instant messaging software that enables you to be logged into a variety of chat networks simultaneously.  This Portable Chat Software allows you to instantly chat with your friends and family regardless of what chat client they prefer to …

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aMSN Portable Instant Messenger

amsn portable 1

aMSN Portable is a free MSN Messenger clone based purely on aMSN with a portable wrapper.  This Portable Instant Messenger enables you to chat, display pictures, have conferences  or video chat with all your MSN contacts while on the move. aMSN Instant Messenger also supports many key features such as  multi-tabbed chat windows, chat logs, …

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Coccinella – Portable Instant Messenger

coccinella 2

Coccinella is a cross platform Portable Instant Messenger or Portable IM with a built in whiteboard that incorporates the following features. Secured connections, avatars and emoticons, plugins, open standard instant messaging, multi user chat (group chat) and file transfers. Coccinella is also multilingual open source software. This Portable Instant Messenger can be run from a …

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Miranda – Portable Instant Messenger

miranda 3

Miranda is another great Portable Instant Messenger application. Like Pidgin, it supports AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Jabber, however, Miranda also sports a plugin system that allows you to include other popular instant messaging protocols like Gadu-Gadu, Netsend, Skype, Yahoo and more. The unique plugin system also allows the user to add additional features such …

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Gaim Portable Instant Messenger

gaim 6

Gaim Portable is an Open Source portable instant messaging client application. It is essentially an all in one instant messaging client that allows you to take your IM settings and buddy lists with you wherever you go on a portable device. This Instant Messenger can be stored and launched directly from a USB device.