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nPOP – Portable Free Email Client

nPOP - Free Email Client

nPOP is a Portable and Free Email Client created by Nakashima Tomoaki. This tiny Free Email Software program allows you to send and receive Email while on the go. nPOP stores your Mail setup, address book and messages back to your flash drive. nPOP can also be used to manage and synchronize the inbox on your server. For example, you can delete mail from the Email Server directly through nPOP. Other features include auto checking email at user selectable intervals, multiple account setup and spam filtering.

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Eudora Portable Email Program

Eudora is an email program produced by Qualcomm that is based on the open source Thunderbird client from Mozilla. Eudora Portable appears to be a reworked Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client with a portable wrapper.  The software utilizes a penelope news/mail extension or addon and comes packed with many features users might find in the Thunderbird mail client. This Portable Eudora wrapper was created by Carston Knobloch.

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Pop Peeper – Portable Email Software

Pop Peeper is a Free Email Client that can be run portably from a USB device. This portable Email Software can automatically import your current email accounts from Outlook Express or Windows Mail and can also be used with your GMail, Hotmail, LiveMail, MSN, Yahoo, GMail, Mail, MyWay, Excite, iWon, Lycos, RediffMail, Juno and NetZero accounts. Pop Peeper runs in your Windows task bar and can alert you when you have new email.

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Free SMTP Server – Portable SMTP Server

Free SMTP Server is a portable SMTP Server. This tool enables you to send email messages direct from your computer without using your ISP’s SMTP server. Some people use it instead of an ISP’s SMTP server to increase security and privacy. The utility is also useful for people who do a lot of traveling and constantly connect their PC to different ISPs. It works by using a localhost server instead of an ISP’s SMTP server.

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Quick Mailer – Tiny Portable eMail Client

Quick Mailer (QM) is a Tiny Free Portable eMail Client. The eMail Tool is super tiny, fast and easy to use. Quick Mailer does allow attachments to be added to the messages as well. This tiny email client is perfect for situations where you just want to send messages or files without launching and setting up a large email client like outlook express.

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Mini Relay – Portable SMTP Server

Mini Relay Server is a Free portable SMTP Server. Once running, Mini Relay becomes your personal SMTP server at localhost, enabling you to bypass your ISP’s mail server and send your emails to the recipient’s mail server directly. Mini Relay is a great tool to have with you if you are always on the move and find yourself constantly hoping on different networks. Simply configure your email client to use IP as the SMTP server and MiniRelay will take care of the rest.

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