free photo editor

Free Picture Editor - PhotoFiltre

Photo Filtre - Free Image EditiorPhotoFiltre is a Free Picture Editing Software created by Antonio Da Cruz. This Portable Picture Editor can be used to quickly touch up photos, add effects, resize photos, correct red eye, white balance correction, and much more.

Remove Background - InstantMask

After InstantMask ClippingInstantMask is a free background removing tool. It can be used to remove the background from a picture or photo quickly and easily.

MobaPhoto - Digital Photo Manager

mobaphoto-free-gallery-creatorMobaPhoto is a Free and Portable Digital Photo Manager. It allows you to create professional looking photo galleries for your website or webpages.

Fotografix - Free Photo Editor

fotografix-free-photo-editorFotografix is a Free Photo Editor that can be used to edit your Pictures, Photos or other images. The Free Image Editor works much like a minimalistic Photoshop, featuring many of the same options without the bloat.

RealWorld Paint - Portable Image Editor

realworld-paint-portable-image-editorRealWorld Paint is a Portable Image Editor or Free Photo Editor. Much like Photoshop and other high end editors, this freeware graphical editor allows users to edit pictures using layers and assign custom effects to every layer.