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Rename Multiple Files with Rename Master

Renaming Many Files with Rename Master

Rename Master is a Portable and Free Multiple File Renaming Tool. Created by JoeJoeSoft, Rename Master can rename multiple files (Batch Rename many files) within seconds. Features include the ability to replace, append or remove parts of the filename of all selected files. In addition advanced features allow for MP3 tag, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tag renaming.

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Bulk File Rename Utility

Bulk Rename Utility is a Portable Free Bulk File Renamer. It can be used to rename multiple files at once. In addition the Bulk File Rename Utility can be used to add, replace, insert text into file names. Convert case, add numbers. Remove or change file extensions. Rename MP3 files (MP3 ID tag renaming), using EXIF meta data, Rename pictures from dsc1980.jpg to mycat.jpg etc.

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ReNamer – File Rename Tool

ReNamer is a Free File Rename Tool that can be stored and run from a USB device. ReNamer like many other file renaming utilities provides it’s user with the ability to rename prefixes, suffixes, change case, string replacements, change file extensions and much more. Advanced users can even program their own renaming rules. A variety of meta tags, I.E: ID3v1, ID3v2, EXIF, OLE, AVI, MD5, CRC32, and SHA1 are also supported.

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Ken Rename – File Renaming Tool

Ken Rename is a Free File Rename utility that can be stored and run from a USB device. The File Renaming Tool enables a user to quickly and easily rename files. Available for use in a variety of languages, Ken Rename can filter files by wildcard, create a numbered file list, convert to upper or lowercase, replace strings, set file attributes and much more. The tool also supports ID3v1 ID3v2 and VBScrips.

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