File Copier

Bit Copier Free File Copying Software

Free Bit CopierBit Copier is a Free File Copier created by UtilityNerd. It can be used as a file backup tool to copy files, folders, or even complete drives bit by bit to another destination or location.

File Bucket - File Copier - File Clone Tool

File BucketFile Bucket is a Freeware Portable File Copier or File Clone tool created by Skwire Empire. It can be used to copy a collection of folders or files from different locations to a singular location.

FastCopy - File Copier

FastCopy - File CopierFastCopy is a Free and Portable File Copying Software that can be used to synchronize and copy files and entire directory structures from a source to a destination.  Additional features include copying files without overwrite, copy if file is newer, delete source, and overwrite all.

TeraCopy Portable Fast File Transfer

teracopyTeraCopy is an app that can be used to perform a fast file transfer, enabling you to copy or move files at the maximum possible speed. This portable fast file copier works by using asynchronous copy to speed up copying between two drives.