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WhoisThisDomain - WHOIS Domain Information Retrieval Tool

Whois DomainWhoisThisDomain is a simple stand alone tool that will allow the user to collect and display all available owner and registration information for any registered domain. It supports generic domains as well as country code domains.

IPNetInfo - Retrieve IP Address Information

IPNetInfoIPNetInfo is a neat little FREE tool that allows users to retrieve all of the available information about an IP address. Important information including the owner of the IP address, country and state, IP address range, contact information (address, phone, fax, email) and more.

MegaIRC - Portable IRC Client

MegaIRCMegaIRC is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Client that can be used portably, Portable IRC. It allows a user to connect to any IRC network and chat with people around the world.

Fact2000 - Internet Research Tool

fact2000Fact200 is a simple, free and portable Internet search client and a news feed reader. It's main purpose is to probe the net, sort and sift through any garbage and then return valued information related to the searched query.

FTP Wanderer - Portable FTP browser

FTP WandererFTP Wanderer is a nice and easy to use Portable FTP browser that allows a user to easily transfer files to and from FTP sites. Some key features include drag and drop uploading and downloading, complete folder transfers, multiple connections and resume support.

Quick'n Easy FTP Server Lite

quickn-easy-portable-ftp-serverQuick'N Easy FTP Server Lite is an amazingly small portable FTP server that can easily be run directly from a USB portable device. It's simple elegant GUI interface is easy to navigate and use.