Remove Fake Antivirus

Remove Fake Antivirus is a Free and Portable utility created by Olzen of Free of Virus. The tool can be used to remove some of the most common Rogue Antivirus Software from your PC. There are many fake Antivirus programs in circulation that contain viruses, trojans and malware. Some even attempt to lure the end user into purchasing a Fake AntiVirus Removal product.

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Remove Fake Antivirus

According to the Author, this tool can remove the following:

Antivirus 7, CleanUp Antivirus, Security Central, Security Antivirus, Total PC Defender 2010, Vista Antivirus Pro 2010, Your PC Protector, Vista Internet Security 2010, XP Guardian, Vista Guardian 2010,Antivirus Soft, XP Internet Security 2010, Antivir 2010, Live PC Care, Malware Defense, Internet Security 2010, Desktop Defender 2010, Security Tool, Antivirus Live, Personal Security, Cyber Security, Alpha Antivirus, Windows Enterprise Suite, Security Center, Control Center, Braviax, Windows Police Pro, Antivirus Pro 2010, PC Antispyware 2010, FraudTool.MalwareProtector.d, Winshield2009 com, Green AV, Windows Protection Suite, Total Security 2009, Windows System Suite, Antivirus BEST, System Security, Personal Antivirus, System Security 2009, Malware Doctor, Antivirus System Pro, WinPC Defender, Anti-Virus-1, Spyware Guard 2008, System Guard 2009, Antivirus 2009, Antivirus 2010, Antivirus Pro 2009, Antivirus 360, MS Antispyware 2009, IGuardPC or I Guard PC, Additional Guard.

File Size: 192KB

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License: Freeware

Download: You can get this Fake Antivirus Removal Tool HERE