Yadabyte Shhh – Portable Text Encryption

Yadabyte Shhh is an Open Source Portable Encryption tool that can be used to safely encrypt text based entries, notes or documents. The portable encryption software could be used to store MSN messages, notes, emails, credit card info, login/passwords or even to secure secret notes between friends as only those with password access can retrieve the information. The text based information is secured using AES 256 encryption.

Portable Text Encryption – Yadabyte Shhh

Portable Text Encryption - Yadabyte Shhh!!!

Authors Website: http://web.archive.org/web/20150813085141/http://www.yadabyte.com/Yadabyte_Portables.php

License: Open Source

Download: You can get this Portable Text Encryption utility HERE

This Portable Application is filed under: Portable Encryption Utilites 

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