Portable Norton Security Scan

Norton Security Scan is a Free Anti Virus Scanner made by Symantec. This Virus Scanner can be used to ensure your PC is protected from common threats. It does so by scanning your computer to identify any viruses, worms, spyware, adware or trojans that reside on your PC. Detected infections could then be removed to disinfect your PC.

Norton Security + Google Pack bundle

This Portable Norton Antivirus scanner tool was at one time included in the Google Pack. The resulting installation directory could be copied to a USB flash drive making for a partially portable Virus Scanner that you could bring with you to scan any Windows computer, on the go.

Norton Security Scan Running Portably

Norton Security Scan - Portable Antivirus Software


How to make a Portable Norton Security Scan

  1. Download Norton Security Scan
  2. Proceed to install it onto a Computer.
  3. Once installed, copy the "Norton-Security-Scan" directory from C:\Program Files\ to your USB device.
  4. Click nss.exe from the folder to launch the program.

Note: This Antivirus software does not provide Live Virus Protection. Though it can identify Spyware, Adware, Tojans and Viruses and even remove Viruses, post infection.

*Norton Security Scan detects but does not remove Spyware or Adware.