Microsoft Safety Scanner


Microsoft Safety Scanner is a Free Antivirus, Malware, and Spyware Scanner. This stand-alone tool can perform on demand viruses, spyware, and malicious software scanning. It should be used in conjunction with an existing Antivirus solution. A caveat is that it expires every 10 days, and needs to be re-downloaded to keep up with the latest anti-malware definitions.

Microsoft Safety Scanner | Spyware Remover

Microsoft Safety Scanner

Purpose: The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free, on-demand scanning tool designed to help identify and remove malware, viruses, and other malicious software from Windows computers.
Compatibility: It is compatible with Windows operating systems, providing users with a tool to perform manual scans for security threats.
On-Demand Scanning: It operates as an on-demand scanner, meaning users need to manually run the tool when they suspect their system might be infected.
No Real-Time Protection: Unlike full antivirus solutions, Microsoft Safety Scanner does not provide real-time protection. It is intended for periodic scanning rather than continuous monitoring.
Temporary Solution: It's often recommended as a temporary solution for situations where a user suspects malware infection and wants to perform a one-time scan.
Signature-Based Detection: The tool uses signature-based detection to identify known malware based on predefined patterns or signatures.
Expiration and Updates: Microsoft Safety Scanner has a limited validity period, usually 10 days after downloading. Users are encouraged to download the latest version before each use.
Network Connection: The tool requires an internet connection during the scanning process to download the latest anti-malware definitions.
Logs and Reports: It generates logs and reports after scanning, providing users with information about the identified threats and the actions taken.

Microsoft Safety Scanner Specifications

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