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Make your Non Portable Apps Portable: JauntePE is a Freeware tool created by Redllar that can be used to essentially Make Portable Apps. It works by attempting to convert conventional applications into portable applications that can be taken with you and used on any PC. The program is easy to work with, and contains help menus for just about everything to guide you through the process.

Make Portable Apps with JauntePE

JauntePE - Portable Application Maker

What is JauntePE?

JauntePE (Portable Environment) is a software tool that allows you to create portable, self contained versions of Windows applications. These portable applications are designed to run from a removable storage device, such as a USB flash drive, without the need for installation on the host computer. This program achieves this by encapsulating the application and its dependencies into a single package, making it easy to carry and use the application on different computers without leaving traces on the host system.

Some of this tools features include:

  1. Make Portable Apps: It's all about making Windows applications portable. Take an existing Windows application and package it in such a way that it can run from a removable storage device such as a USB flash drive without needing to install on each computer where it's used.
  2. Self Contained approach to making Portable Apps: The tool tries to isolate the application and its dependencies from the host system, which means it doesn't make changes to the Windows Registry or file system of the computer you're using. This isolation helps maintain the cleanliness of the host system.As a result, packaged portable applications created with this tool should contain all of the necessary files, libraries, and settings required to run these applications portably. Enabling you to carry the application around with you to use on different computers.
  3. Multi Windows Application Compatibility: Another useful features of this utility is its use on older applications that may not be designed for modern Windows versions. It can create a portable environment that mimics the necessary conditions for the application to run, even if the host system is running a newer or different version of Windows.

Note that the process of making software portable may not work perfectly with all Windows applications, as some apps may have complex dependencies or require specific installation procedures that are difficult to replicate in a portable environment.

JauntePE Specifications | Official Site | Download

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  • License: Freeware
  • Supported OS: Windows
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