Innounp - The Inno Setup Unpacker

Innounp is a command line setup unpacker. It allows a user to unpack a program without installing the program on the Windows PC. It can be used specifically to extract application files from executable .exe files originally created using the Inno Setup Installer. This is a great way to begin making portable applications from Inno Setup created executable installers.

Innounp Commands and Options

Firstly, note that this tool runs from a command window. You can run from the directory that also contains the executable you plan to extract. After that, using the Inno Setup Extractor is easy. Simply use the following section of commands to get started. This list of commands and arguments was quoted from the authors site.

Example usage: innounp [command] [options] [@filelist] [filemask …]


(no) display general installation info.
-v verbosely list the files (with sizes and timestamps).
-x extract the files from the installation (to the current directory, also see -d).
-e extract files without paths.


-b batch (non-interactive) mode - will not prompt for password or disk changes.
-q do not indicate progress while extracting.
-m extract internal embedded files (such as license and uninstall.exe).
-pPASS decrypt the installation with a password.
-dDIR extract the files into DIR (can be absolute or relative path).
-cDIR specifies that DIR is the current directory in the installation.
-n don’t attempt to unpack new versions.
-fFILE same as -p but reads the password from FILE.
-a extract all copies of duplicate files.

License: Open Source.

Authors Website:

Download: You can grab this Portable Inno Setup Unpacker HERE.