HijackThis – Portable Anti Spyware Malware

HijackThis is a Free utility that can be used to detect settings that may have been changed by Spyware or Malware. HijackThis is available as a stand alone executable, making for a great Portable AntiSpyware and Portable Anti Malware detection tool to add to your collection. HijackThis scans your computer, displaying items or settings that have been changed. You are then given the opportunity to selectively remove these items from your machine.

NOTE: HiJackThis does not know if your computer settings were indeed changed by Malware or Spyware. In many cases settings may have been changed by legitimate software. You should only remove or fix items if you know what you are doing.

HijackThis - Portable Malware Spyware Detection Tool

Authors Website: HijackThis by TrendMicro

License: Freeware

Download: You can get the Portable HijackThis tool HERE

This Portable Application is filed under: Anti Spyware Malware Tools