Free Undelete - File Recovery Software

Free Undelete is a file recovery tool created by Recoveronix Ltd that can be used to help restore or recover lost or deleted files from Fat12, Fat16, Fat32, or NTFS filesystems. Free Undelete is entirely freeware for personal use only. Business users must purchase a license. As with any recovery tool, you should stop disk activity and save recovered data to another disk, to prevent overwriting areas containing deleting file information.

Free Undelete | File Recovery Software

Free Undelete - Recover Deleted Files

Authors Website:

Extracted Size: 764 KB

License: Freeware (for personal use)

Download: You can get this Free File Recovery Software Here

Additional Instructions to run Free Undelete Portably:

  1. Use 7-zip to extract the contents of the Setup MSI file to a folder.
  2. Rename the following files:
    • fru.entity.chm to fru.chm
    • fru.entity.ico to fru.ico
    • fru.entity.ini to fru.ini
    • fru.entity.xml to fru.xml
    • fru.gui.exe to fru.exe
    • fru.layout.txt to layout.txt
    • fru.orcmn.dll to orcmn.dll
  3. Use fru.exe to run the program