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UltraDefrag is a free portable disk defragmenter for Windows. Unlike some defragmentation tools, this powerful open source defragmenter can perform boot time defragmentation. It is capable of quickly and efficiently defragmenting all files, including system locked files, registry hives, and paging files.

UltraDefrag | Disk Defragmenter


UltraDefrag is an open source file and disk defragmentation software for Windows operating systems. Its main purpose is to optimize the performance of hard drives by rearranging and organizing fragmented files on the disk. Fragmentation occurs when files are broken into smaller pieces and stored in different locations on the disk, which can lead to slower read and write speeds.

Key features include:

  • Fast and Efficient Defragmentation: Designed to be fast and efficient in defragmenting files on the disk, helping to defrag computer and improve overall system performance.
  • Boot Time Defragmentation: It has the capability to defragment system files during the boot process, which is useful for optimizing critical system files that cannot be defragmented while the operating system is running.
  • File Optimization Strategies: The software offers various optimization strategies, including sorting files by size or last access time, and the ability to prioritize certain files or folders.
  • Command Line Interface: Advanced users can utilize the command line interface for scripting and automation purposes.
  • Low Resource Usage: The application is designed to use minimal system resources during the defragmentation process, ensuring that it doesn't significantly impact the performance of other running applications.

The need for third party defragmentation tools has decreased over the years, as modern versions of Windows (such as Windows 7 and later) come with built-in PC defragmentation tools that are automatically scheduled to run in the background. However, some users still prefer tools like this for additional customization options and control over the defragmentation process.

UltraDefrag Specs | Official Site | Downloading

  • Authors Website: UltraDegrag Project Page
  • Developer: created by the ultradefrag development team
  • Extracted Size: 1.91 MB
  • License: Open Source
  • Download: Grab this portable version of this defrag tool here:
    UltraDefrag Download

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