Ultimate Defrag - Portable Defragmenter

UltimateDefrag (Freeware Edition) is a Free Portable Defragmenter that "allows you to optimize your hard drive any way you want". This free defrag tool enables a user to not only defrag files on a disk, but also put frequently accessed files in areas on your hard drive where they will achieve maximum performance.

It works by placing your rarely used files out of the way and onto the slower performing areas of your hard drive making your drive perform much better. It can relocate files based on five different factors.

Ultimate Defrag (Freeware Edition)

Ultimate Defrag

Authors Website: Archived Page

License: Freeware

How to make Ultimate Defrag portable

  1. Download and run the Ultimate Defrag Setup exe (installing to the default path)
  2. Copy the UltimateDefrag folder from C:\Program Files\DiskTrix to your USB device
  3. Launch UDefrag.exe from the UltimateDefrag folder to run the program

Note: You can now remove the Ultimate Defrag local installation that was created in step one by using Add/Remove programs if you wish.