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USB Safeguard – Encryption

USB Safeguard

USB Encryption : USB Safeguard is a Freeware Encryption tool for Flash Drives. It can be used to password protect any files that reside on your USB Flash Drive. Simply create a password and then drag and drop files from your Flash Drive into the Window. To gain access the encrypted files, simply re-enter your password.

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FreeOTFE – USB Encryption

FreeOTFE is a Free On The Fly Encryption tool that can be used for Portable USB Encryption. The tool can be used to create encrypted volumes, virtual disks or entire partitions using AES, Blowfish, Serpent, Twofish encryption algorithms. Volumes Encrypted by FreeOTFE may be file, partition, or disk based and will remain hidden until mounted and accessed via your password by the tool.

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Remora USB Disk Guard

Remora USB Disk Guard is FREE USB Flash Drive Encryption Software that can be used to Encrypt files and folders either on your USB drive or even on a local hard disk. Because Remora USB Disk Guard is completely portable, it can be stored and run directly from a flash drive or portable storage device, requiring absolutely no installation. It’s easy to use, you simply select to encrypt an entire folder or file, then when you wish to read the contents of a folder or file, select the option to decrypt a folder or file.

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TrueCrypt – Disk Data Encryption Software

USB Encryption: TrueCrypt is disk data encryption software that can be used to securely encrypt the information stored on hard disk partitions, portable storage media and USB flash devices. It can be run from a USB device in traveller mode. TrueCrypt works by creating a virtual encrypted disk within a file and then mounting the file as a real disk so it can be accessed as a storage medium. Encryption is done automatically on-the-fly. TrueCrypt uses Twofish, AES-256 and Serpent encryption algorithms to secure the stored data.

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