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SterJo Portable Task Manager

SterJo Task Manager

SterJo Portable Task Manager is a Freeware Portable tool created by SterJo. It can be used for advanced process or task management and simple Trojan or Spyware detection. This Task Manager facilitates a means to end tasks, terminate suspicious processes, start/stop/pause/end services, and close or terminate network connections. A great Free resource to help prevent …

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ProcessKO – Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO - Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO is a Freeware Portable Task Management tool created by Nenad Hrg of SoftwareOK. ProcessKO can be used to quickly kill any running processes (process terminator). Very useful for killing a hanging process or program, that cannot otherwise be ended or closed using Task manager.

DTaskManager – Portable Task Manager


DTaskManager is a portable Task Manager created specifically to provide advanced features that the TaskManager that ships with Windows does not provide. Some example functions include the ability to suspend and reactivate a process much like Linux does, select multiple processes to terminate at a time, no need for confirmation windows. This application requires only …

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