portable program launcher

Appetizer - Portable Start Menu

appetizer-portable-start-menu-and-program-launcher-screenshotAppetizer is a free portable application launcher. It serves as a portable start menu dock that can be minimized to the System Tray.

RocketDock - Portable Application Launcher

rocketdock-portable-application-launcherRocketDock is a Free Program Launcher that can be stored and run from a Portable Device. The Portable Start Menu or Portable Application Launcher resembles a Mac OSX Dock and can be used to launch programs via the shortcuts you create by simply dragging and dropping application executables onto RocketDock.

XP Syspad - Portable Program Launcher

xp-syspad-portable-program-launcherXP SysPad is a portable program launcher that gives you convenient, quick and easy access nearly every feature on your PC. Easily access your applications, directories, system utilities, control panel applets, System passwords, Windows and Office product keys, running processes and much more.

ASuite - Portable Start Menu

asuite-portable-start-menu-screenshotASuite is a Portable Start Menu that can be used to quickly and easily organize and launch your portable applications from your USB device. ASuite is a portable program launcher for launching applications from the taskbar - system tray.