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Pipette – Portable Color Picker

pipette color picker

Pipette is another great Portable Color Picker created by Stefan Trost Media. It enables you to get the colors from your screen, change or modify the select colors, or convert them from one color mode to another. Pipette can display CMYK, RGB, XYZ, HEX, HSV, or TColor color modes. This tool can be stored and run entirely from a USB device.

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ColorFOff – Get Color from Screen

Get Color from Screen with ColorFOff

ColorFOff is an Open Source Portable Desktop Color Picker. It can be used to get the HEX color value of any pixel color presented on your screen. Once running,  simply left click in the label field and then drag your mouse pointer over any area on your desktop (while holding the left click button), and the HEX value of that pixel will be displayed. The Color Picker can be toggled to and from the system tray by clicking the tray icon.

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PicPick – Image Editor Color Picker Screen Capture

PicPick is a Free All-In-One Image Editor, Color Picker and Screen Capture tool. Upon launching the software, it resides in the system tray for quick access to it’s tools. PicPick features a Screenshot capture tool, image editor, color picker or chooser, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor, crosshair, whiteboard and more. Moreover, PicPick is portable, so it can be taken with you and run from any PC.

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Pixie – Portable Color Picker

Nattyware Pixie is a Free Portable Color Picker. Pixie can be used to display the HEX, HTML, RGB, CMYK, and HSV values of any pixel color presented on your screen. Once Pixie is running, simply drag your mouse pointer over the selected area and the details of the color at that pixel are displayed.  The colors can then be reproduced and used in your favorite color editor.

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