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Blank and Secure – Delete Files Permanently

Blank And Secure - Permanent File Deletion

Blank and Secure is a Freeware tool that can be used to Permanently Delete Files, making them irrecoverable. Simply drag and drop the files you would like to Delete Permanently into the window and Blank and Secure will overwrite the data with Zeros, making the information not recoverable.

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Disk Wipe – Portable Disk Wiper

Disk Wipe is Free Portable Disk Wiper that can be used to permanently remove data from hard drives, flash cards, USB drives, mp3 players, cameras and other storage devices.  The tool provides secure permanent data destruction by deleting all information from the storage device, making it virtually impossible to perform data retrieval. Disk Wipe supports devices the utilize a NTFS, Fat, or Fat32 file format.

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FreeRaser – Portable File Shredder

FreeRaser is a Free Portable tool that can be used to shred, destroy and permanently delete files from your computer. FreeRaser allows you to select from one of three methods to shred data. Method 1: Fast destruction utilizes a single round, filling the space with random data. Method 2: Forced destruction utilizes 3 rounds of filling according to DoD 5220.22M standard. Method 3: Ultimate destruction utilizes 35 rounds of filling with data according to Guttman algorithm.

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UltraShredder – Portable File Shredder

UltraShredder is a Portable application that allows a user to Securely Delete or Shred files. It does this by overwriting the information with random charactors. If an attempt is made to recover the file or files that have been shredded using a data recovery program, only illegible information would be seen in place of the file. Hence Ultrashredder makes it possible to permanently delete files from within Windows, securing your private information from prying eyes.

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