open source

0irc - Portable IRC

0irc0irc is the smallest known (IRC) Internet Relay Chat client in the world for windows. Not only does it have a small footprint, but also contains a small set of necessary features.

X-Blender - Portable 3D Creation

xblender-portable-3d-creation-toolX-Blender is based on Blender (Popular Open Source 3D Creation Software) but contains a wrapper to allow a user to run it directly from a USB drive. With this portable 3D tool, you can model, shade, render and create all kinds of 3D graphics and effects.

Free Unit Converter App

Free Unit Converter AppFree Unit Converter is an app or utility that allows you to convert from one unit of measurement to another. It supports up to 5000 units of measure.

Portable Scribus - Desktop Publishing Tool

portable-scribus-screenshotPortable Scribus is a stand alone, USB flash drive installable version of Scribus, the very popular open source free desktop publishing tool. This portable application makes for a great alternative to Adobe PageMaker and can be used to create professional looking documents, PDF files, newsletters, magazines and much more.

KeePass Password Safe - Password Manager

keepass-password-safeKeePass Password Safe is yet another great Portable Password Manager that can be run directly from a portable USB device. This application allows you to put all of your passwords in one database, which is then locked with a single password or master key disk.