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Check Folder Sizes – FolderSize

Display Folder Sizes

FolderSize is a Free Folder Size Calculating Tool created by Jan Horn. It can check the size of all folders on a select drive, making it easy to Find the largest files or folders and figure out which are consuming the most space. Options include; ability to select a drive or folder hierarchy to scan,  set size to appear to left or right, set size parameters to use for colored folder icons.

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TreeSize Free – List Directories by Size

TreeSize Free - Sorting Largest Folders

TreeSize Free is a Size Organized Directory Tree Tool created by JAM Software. It can be used to figure out which folders and sub-folders are using the most space (find out what is taking up disk space), helping you find and reduce clutter on a drive. Additional options include the ability to expand to sub-folders, open in explorer, and drag and drop.

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DriveSort – Lists the Largest or Newest Files

DriveSort - List the Largest or Most Recently Created Files

DriveSort is a Freeware Portable Application created by l.madhavan. It can be used to present the contents of a drive or directory by filesize – largest files first or date – newest files first. Very useful for finding the files that are taking up the most space or that have been recently created. DriveSort will display up to the top 100 results.

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List Large Files – List the largest files in Windows

List Large Files is a Free Portable Application that can be used to List the Largest Files on your Computer. List Large Files uses a GetFiles method to recursively search directories on a drive. It then compiles a string list of these files and sorts the resulting list by size. Clicking a listed file will bring you to it’s corresponding directory. Features include the ability to specify which drive to search and the number of large files to display. Results can be saved to a CSV file for Excel.

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