Freeware File Encryption

File and Folder Locker

File and Folder LockerFile and Folder Locker is a Free and Portable File and Folder Locking Tool "Encryption Tool" created by Al Emran Tareq. It can be used to encrypt and password protect files and or folders on your USB Flash Drive "Lock Files on USB" or any other NTFS Formatted Drive.

USB Safeguard - Encryption

USB SafeguardUSB Encryption : USB Safeguard is a Freeware Encryption tool for Flash Drives. It can be used to password protect any files that reside on your USB Flash Drive.

Free File Encryption - Androsa File Protector

free-file-encryptionAndrosa File Protector is a professional grade freeware file encryption software that can be used to protect your files by encrypting the content using some of the most advanced methods of cryptography. File Encryption is easy and you can be encrypting your work within minutes.