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Kalkules – Universal Scientific Calculator

Kalkules - Scientific Calculator

Kalkules (obviously derived from calculus calculator) is a Free and Portable Universal Scientific Calculator created by Jardo. This freeware calculator can evaluate whole expressions, draw function graphs, calculate in four number systems, with fractions, or polynomials and more. Supports non traditional functions that a high school or college student might encounter.

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SpeedCrunch – Portable Calculator

SpeedCrunch - A Portable Calculator

SpeedCrunch is a Free Portable Calculator. Simply type the expression you want to calculate using your keyboard or point and click the buttons using your mouse (and press Enter for continuation). Expressions and calculated results are then displayed sequentially in the output Window for reference and can be copied and pasted elsewhere. Other features include; Syntax Highlighting, Unlimited Variables, Auto Completion, Smart Correction, 50 Decimal Places, Recall up to 100 stored Expressions, Multiple Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Day Maxi Calc – Portable Calculator

Day Maxi Calc (DMC) is another great Free Portable Calculator. Perform your calculations on a calculator with huge buttons!
This portable calculator incorporates all of your most common calculating functions. In addition DMC features large keys that are easy to read, can simulate the classic paper roll and includes printing and saving options.

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Calcute – Scientific Calculator

Calcute is a Free Scientific Tape Calculator or Expression Evaluator that can be stored and run from a USB device. Calcute supports many scientific functions, like logarithms and exponents, trigonometric and hyperbolic functions, normal and inverse. A complete expression can be typed just as if you were using a regular text editor. Simply type what you want to calculate, press Enter and get your answer.

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ESBCalc – Scientific Calculator

ESBCalc is a Portable and Free Scientific Calculator Software that can be run from Windows. ESBCalc supports Infix Notation, Brackets, Scientific Functions (Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic “Base 10, Base 2 & Natural”), Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List and more. Includes support for Prefix functions as well. Most importantly, the Scientific Calculator is Portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go on a USB device.

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TTCalc Portable – Mathematical Calculator

TTCalc Portable Calculator

TTCalc Portable is a nice advanced Mathematical calculator written by Tomasz Sowa. Available in both English and Polish languages TTCalc is so simple to navigate and very easy to use. TTCalc contains hyperbolic and trigonometric functions amongst many more. The portable calculator can do conversions as well. Best of all it is tiny and can easily fit on the smallest of USB Flash Pen Drives.

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