Sylpheed - Portable Email Client

Sylpheed is a clean, powerful and easy to use e-Mail client that can be run portably from a USB flash drive or other portable device. Built mainly for Unix like systems such as Linux, BSD and Mac OSX, there is also a version for Windows users which is our main focus here. This portable e-Mail client requires roughly 20MB of disk space for portable installation making it one of the larger portable e-Mail clients.

Sylpheed portable Email Client Screenshot:

Sylpheed portable e-Mail client Screenshot

Authors Website:

License: Open Source

Download: Get this Portable e-Mail client HERE

Making Sylpheed portable:

  1. Extract the contents of the Zip to a folder on your USB device
  2. Rename sample-syplheed.ini to syplheed.ini
  3. Click syplheed.exe to launch the portable e-mail client