CWShredder - Portable AntiSpyware

CWShredder is a Portable AntiSpyware program offered by Trend Micro. It can be used to detect and remove all traces of the CoolWebSearch family of Spyware. CoolWebSearch is a browser hijacker. This type of spyware changes your home page and installs bookmarks or shortcuts on your desktop, significantly slows down your PC and may cause Windows to crash or reboot. CWShredder is a free Portable Spyware Remover that you can take with you to help you remove CoolWebSearch once and for all.

CWShredder - Portable AntiSpyware

CWShredder- Portable AntiSpyware

Authors Website: Trend Micro - CW Shredder

License: Freeware

Download: you can get the Portable Spyware Remover HERE