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SterJo Portable Task Manager

SterJo Task Manager

SterJo Portable Task Manager is a Freeware Portable tool created by SterJo. It can be used for advanced process or task management and simple Trojan or Spyware detection. This Task Manager facilitates a means to end tasks, terminate suspicious processes, start/stop/pause/end services, and close or terminate network connections. A great Free resource to help prevent your system from unauthorized access.

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ProcessKO – Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO - Kill Running Processes

ProcessKO is a Freeware Portable Task Management tool created by Nenad Hrg of SoftwareOK. ProcessKO can be used to quickly kill any running processes (process terminator). Very useful for killing a hanging process or program, that cannot otherwise be ended or closed using Task manager.
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Advanced Process Termination – Kill Running Processes

Advanced Process Termination is a Free Portable Software that can be used to Kill Running Processes. The tool offers many different methods that can be used to Kill Processes or Terminate Running Programs (Kill Running Tasks). In addition it can Freeze or Suspend Running Processes, Resume Suspended Processes or even attempt to Crash a Running Process or Kernel Kill the Running Process.

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Process Explorer – Portable Task Manager

Process Explorer is a system task manager that can be used to Kill Running Tasks or Kill Running Processes that normally refuse to be killed. Process Explorer can also be used to display which running programs have a particular file or directory open. It can also display information about which handles and DLLs processes have loaded. This application requires 3.48MB of free disk space to be installed.
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