Portable EXIF Viewer

This free and portable Exif viewer is a software tool that can be used to read and display the metadata information of JPEG images. Current digital cameras save camera information, software revision information, creation and modification dates and more as Exif data information when an image, photo or picture is first taken.

What is an Exif viewer?

An Exif (Exchangeable image file format) viewer is a software tool or application designed to read, display, and interpret the metadata stored within image files that adhere to the Exif standard. Exif is a standard that allows digital cameras and other devices with image capturing capabilities to embed various types of metadata directly into image files. Metadata typically includes information such as:

  • Camera Settings: This includes details about the camera model, lens, exposure settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), focal length, and more.
  • Date and Time: The exact date and time when the image was captured.
  • Geolocation: GPS coordinates indicating where the image was taken.
  • Software and Hardware Information: Information about the software used to process the image and the hardware used to capture it.
  • Copyright Information: Details about the copyright holder and usage rights for the image.
  • Image Orientation: Whether the image is in landscape or portrait orientation.
  • User Comments: User-generated comments or notes about the image.
  • Image Thumbnail: A small thumbnail image of the actual photo.

This particular Exif data viewer provides a simple GUI which can be used to display and or extract metadata, giving users insight into the technical details and context surrounding an image. This can be particularly useful for photographers, researchers, and anyone interested in understanding the circumstances and settings under which an image was taken.

Exif viewers like this one are available as standalone applications that you can take with you to use at any computer. Having an Exif reader handy, enables you to view these important image creation and modification details.

EXIF Viewer

This image information viewer also features options to edit Exif data. For example you might use it to change Exif date.
EXIF Viewer


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