GeoSetter Portable – Geo Tag Exif Metadata Editor

GeoSetter is a is a free image geo data and exif data tool created by Friedemann Schmidt. It can be used to display, change, add, or remove geo tags from photos and view or edit related (IPTC/XMP/Exif) metadata of pictures taken with digital cameras. A zipped version of the GeoSetter is available that allows the user to store and run the tool from a USB thumb drive.

Geo Tagging Exif Metadata Editor – GeoSetter Portable

Portable GeoSetter

Authors Website:

Extracted Size: 28.3 MB

License: Freeware

How to run GeoSetter Portably:

  1. Download the zipped version and unzip to your flash drive. A folder named geosetter is created.
  2. Create a new “Text Document” in the geosewtter folder, and name it config.ini.
  3. Click GeoSetter.exe from the geosetter folder to run the program.

This Portable Application is filed under: Picture Editors