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BPBible is an open source portable Bible study package that can be stored and then run directly from a USB device. It contains many key features a user might expect to find in any good Bible application. Features such as Bible Search, Cross Verse Search, Commentary, Dictionary support, Scripture tooltips, and more.

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BPBible and its features

BPBible can be a very valuable tool for individuals and scholars interested in studying the Bible and related religious texts. Its open source nature, and flexibility in layout and customization make it a great choice for Bible study and research. Here are some of its key features:

  • Bible, Commentary, and Dictionary Support: It offers support for not only various Bible versions but also commentaries and dictionaries. This comprehensive support enhances the user's understanding of the Bible by providing additional context and explanations.
  • Bible Search: The software includes a Bible search feature, allowing users to find specific verses, passages, or keywords within the Bible's text.
  • Cross Verse Searching: Includes proximity based Search, which means it can search across verse boundaries, providing a more natural and context-aware search experience. It also supports regular expressions and phrases for more advanced searches.
  • Flexible Layout: Users have the flexibility to customize the layout of the software to suit their preferences. The software remembers these layout settings for future use.
  • Module Support: It can read various Bible versions and other religious texts due to its integration with the SWORD project. This makes it a valuable resource for individuals interested in studying different religious texts.
  • User Notes and Topic Management: It also enables users to take personal notes on specific passages and organize related passages into topic lists. This feature is helpful for in-depth Bible study and research.
  • Free and Open Source: This portable Bible study app is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL), making it free to use and open source. This licensing model encourages community involvement and development.
  • Open Source Technology: The software leverages open-source technologies such as Python, wxPython, and the SWORD project. These technologies contribute to its accessibility, stability, and extensibility.

This portable digital Bible allows users to study the word of Christ while on the go, without the need to carry a heavy Bible book with them.

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  • Authors Website: Project Page
  • Developer: Stephen E. Jones
  • License: Open Source
  • Where to find it: You can get this portable bible study software here:
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