Urban Terror Free Tactical Shooter Game

Urban Terror is a free, multiplayer, first person tactical shooter video game. It is known for its fast-paced gameplay, diverse game modes, and realistic weapons. The game is set in urban environments and emphasizes teamwork and strategy over pure shooting skills. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.

Free First Person Shooter Game (Urban Terror)

Developed by FrozenSand Games Limited, the developers Motto is "Fun Over Realism".
Urban Terror - Portable Free FPS Game

Urban Terror is a free multiplayer first-person shooter (FPS) game developed by FrozenSand. It is a total conversion of Quake III Arena, meaning it utilizes the Quake III engine but features entirely different gameplay, graphics, and settings. Here are some of its most notable features:

  1. Fast Paced FPS Game: Urban Terror is known for its fast-paced, realistic gameplay that combines elements of tactical shooters with the run-and-gun style of classic FPS games. The game features a variety of weapons and maps, emphasizing team-based multiplayer action.
  2. Offers a Variety of Game Modes: The game includes various game modes, such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Bomb mode. Each mode has its own objectives and gameplay dynamics, encouraging teamwork and strategy.
  3. Agile Player Movement: Incorporates a unique movement system that allows players to perform acrobatic maneuvers such as wall jumps, flips, and slides. This adds an extra layer of agility to the gameplay.
  4. Free First Person Shooter Game: It is free to download and play, which has contributed to its popularity among gamers. The development team relies on donations and community support to maintain and improve the game.
  5. Excellent Realism: While not a simulation game, it aims for a level of realism in its gameplay mechanics and weapon handling. It has a variety of realistic weapons and maps inspired by urban environments.

This action packed, fast paced game originally started as a total conversion mod for the Quake III Arena game by Id Software. Today however, thanks in part to the open sourced and freely available, standalone ioquake3 engine code, the game can now be played without requiring the player to own a copy of Quake III in order to play. You can join existing servers or host your own.

In addition, this highly addictive first person multiplayer game is made available from the developer in a zipped format (requiring no setup installer). Making it possible to store and then run this portable game entirely from a removable device such as a USB flash drive. It is also offered multi-platform so it can be played from within Windows, Linux and Apple MacOS operating systems.

Urban Terror Specifications | Official Site | Download

  • Extracted Size: 736 MB
  • Game Type: Multiplayer First Person Tactical
  • Authors Website: Project Home Page
  • Developer: Created by Silicon Ice Development (SID) | Now FrozenSand Games Ltd
  • Release Date: First released as a mod for Quake III Arena in 2000 and later released as a stand-alone FPS game in 2007.
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
  • License: Open Source
  • Downloading: A portable version of this epic multiplayer first person shooter game is available. Get the Windows standalone zip of this epic game here:
    Urban Terror Download

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