DbxConv - DBX to MBOX or EML Mail Converter

DbxConv is a simple DBX to MBOX email file converter created by Ulrich Krebs. It enables users to convert (DBX) Microsoft Windows Outlook Express Mail to (MBOX) Apple Mail format or the (EML) format used in Windows Live Mail, Apple Quick Mail Pro etc. DbxConv must be run from a command line, but can be stored and run from a Portable device. See the readme and or authors site for usage info.

DbxConv | DBX to MBOX or EML Mail Converter

DbxConv - DBX to EML or MBOX Email Converter

A portable command line tool designed to convert Microsoft Outlook Express email files from the DBX format to the more widely used and standard MBOX format. This conversion allows users to migrate their emails from Outlook Express to other email clients that support the MBOX format, such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

Here are some noteworthy features:

  • Purpose: The primary purpose of it is to facilitate the migration of emails from Outlook Express, which used the DBX format for storing messages, to other email clients or formats, particularly MBOX.
  • DBX to MBOX File Conversion: The tool performs the conversion of Outlook Express DBX files to MBOX files, making it possible for users to move their email data to different email clients that support the MBOX format.
  • Command Line Interface: Is entirely a command line tool, meaning users interact with it by entering commands in a terminal or command prompt.
  • Open Source Email File Converter: Open source software which is redistributable with its development code made available for users who may want to inspect or modify it.
  • Multiple OS Compatibility: The tool is typically designed to work on various platforms, including Unix like systems (Linux), Windows, and macOS.
  • Command Line Use Example: Command usage might look like this:
    dbxconv -m -o ~/output_directory ~/path/to/input.dbx

    That command would convert the input.dbx file to MBOX format, placing the resulting files in the specified output directory.

  • Extracted Size: 160KB
  • Authors Website: Project Page
  • License: Open Source
  • Downloading: You can get this portable email file converter here:
    DbxConv Download