Trend Micro SysClean – Malware Spyware Scanner

Trend Micro System Cleaner (SysClean) is a Portable Malware Spyware Scanner created by Trend Micro. This Free Malware Spyware Remover can be used to scan for and terminate all running malicious software and then delete any malware or spyware copies on all drives. This tool can be stored and run from a USB device. For best results run SysClean in Safe Mode.

Free Malware Spyware  Scanner – Trend Micro System Cleaner

Trend Micro SysClean - Free Malware and Spyware Scanner

Authors Website:

Extracted Size: -100MB Varies Depending on pattern updates

License: Freeware

How to Install and Use Trend Micro SysClean Portably:

  1. Create an empty SysClean folder on your USB Device.
  2. Download SysClean.exe and put it in the SysClean folder.
  3. Run Sysclean.exe from the SysClean folder and let the tool fetch all of it’s updates.
  4. Exit once updates have finished downloading, and then restart the PC in Safe Mode F5 or F8.
  5. Run sysclean.bat from the SysClean folder and perform a Scan.