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Green Browser is a skinnable, tabbed, easy to use portable web browser that you can use to browse the internet. It looks and functions very much like a cross between Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. It makes for a great simple stand alone internet browsing alternative to Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and other other popular browsers.

Designed to save energy by using auto-hide and low power consumption modes, Greenbrowser sports tons of features that make it easy to use. Some highlighted features include a "tabbed browsing" which allows you have multiple web pages open at the same time and a "pop up blocker" or ad filter that prevents ads from appearing on your screen. A search bar, autofill, external toolbar, download manager, favorites, selectable skins, and it even offers a built in proxy setup.

This stand alone browser is offered by its author as Freeware. Initially requiring roughly 3.2 MB of storage space to get started. It is available in a zipped version which once extracted, can be stored and run entirely from a USB flash drive or other removable device. Enabling you to take your browser, settings, bookmarks, and search history with you to use at any available Windows PC.

Portable Internet Browser | Green Browser

Green Browser - Portable Internet Browser

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