Audacity – Free Audio Recorder and Editor

Audacity is an Open Source Free Streaming Audio Recorder and Sound Editor. It can be used to Record Internet Radio, Record Pandora Streaming Audio, Record from an attached Record Player, Tape Player, MP3 Player, Microphone or any other input device.  If the sound or music can be played through your PC speakers, it can be recorded. Recorded Audio can be exported as a OGG, WAV, or MP3. Audacity’s can also be used to edit audio, add effects and more. Best of all, it is available portable.

Free Audio Recorder and Sound Editor (Audacity)

Audacity - Free Streaming Audio Recorder

Extracted Size: 8.25 MB

Authors Website: Project Page

License: Open Source

Supported Operating Systems: Windows – GNU Linux – MacOS

Download: Grab this Portable Free Sound Editing Software