Power Defragmenter - Portable Defragmenter

Power Defragmenter is a graphical defragmenting tool that works in conjunction with Contig by Sysinternals. Contig is a powerful command line portable defragmentation application developed for Windows NT/2000/XP operating systems. Power Defragmenter compliments Contig by providing a GUI " Graphical User Interface" wrapper for simplicity and ease of use. This portable defragmenter requires 616KB of free space for installation.

Power Defragmenter Screenshot:

Power Defragmenter Screenshot

Authors Website: https://rejzor.wordpress.com/powerdefrag/

License: Freeware for personal use

How to install and use Power Defragmenter:

  1. Create a folder named Power Defrag on your portable drive
  2. Download Power Defragmenter and Contig and extract the contents of both to your Power Defrag folder
  3. Run the tool via Power Defragmenter GUI.exe