Portable Text and Speech Translator - QTranslate

QTranslate is a Freeware Portable Translator created by Questsoft. It can be used to quickly translate text from one language to another. Features include the ability to translate text typed into the main window, speak translated text via it's own "Text to Speech Translator" (via Ctrl+E), translate highlighted text on the fly in a popup (via Ctrl+Q), or show highlighted translations in the main window (via Ctrl+Ctrl). QTranslate might also be used to perform a web search (via Ctrl+W). Icons for these shortcuts also appear when highlighting text.

QTranslate - A Free Portable Text and Speech Translator

QTranslate - Portable Text To Speech Translator

Authors Website: http://quest-app.appspot.com

Extracted Size: 564 KB

License: Freeware for Personal Use

Download: Grab this Free Portable Text to Speech Translator HERE