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McAfee Stinger is a free portable virus removal tool that can be stored and run entirely from a removable USB device. This utility is often used by technical users and computer administrators to help deal with and repair infected computer systems. AVERT Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and scan performance optimizations.

McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger Portable AntiVirus

What is McAfee Stinger?

McAfee Stinger was a standalone utility developed by McAfee, a well known and reputable cybersecurity and Antivirus company. It was designed to help users detect and remove specific types of malware and viruses from their computers. Stinger was not a full fledged antivirus program like some of McAfee's other products; instead, it focused on targeting and removing specific threats that were prevalent at the time of its release.

McAfee Stinger's features

  • Targeted Scanning: McAfee Stinger was primarily used for targeted scanning of specific malware and viruses. It was not a comprehensive antivirus solution for ongoing protection but rather a tool to remove specific, known threats.
  • Portable App: Stinger was often distributed as a portable application, meaning it could be run from a USB flash drive or other removable media without the need for installation.
  • Regular Updates: McAfee regularly updated Stinger to include new virus definitions and target emerging threats. Users could download the latest version to ensure it could detect and remove the most recent malware.
  • User Friendly GUI: Stinger had a relatively simple and user friendly graphical user interface, making it easy for anyone to learn to navigate and use.
  • Command Line Options: Advanced technical users could utilize command line options to customize the scanning process and specify which files or directories to scan.
  • No Real-Time Protection: Unlike full-fledged antivirus software, Stinger did not provide real-time protection. It was intended for use when users suspected their computer might be infected and needed to perform a one-time scan and removal.

It's worth noting that McAfee went through changes, including the sale of its enterprise business to Symphony Technology Group in 2021, so the availability of McAfee Stinger might have been affected by the merger?

Stinger Specifications & Download

Authors Website: Project Page
Developer: McAfee - a global leader in Cyber Security and Antivirus solutions
NOTE: It appears that this project may have been abandoned. An archived link is being provided.
License: Freeware
Downloading: the last known version ~ Download McAfee Stinger

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