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Snap – Active Window Screen Capture

Snap is a Free Portable Screen Capture tool that can be used to Capture Screen Shots of Active Windows. Ether select the active window or create an area on the desktop and click Snap to copy to the clipboard. The resulting clipboard images can then be opened and edited using your favorite image editing tools such as photoshop.

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SiteShoter – Webpage Screenshot Tool

SiteShoter is a free tool that can be used to take a screenshot of any webpage. It does so by automatically creating a hidden window of Internet Explorer, proceeds to load the desired Web page, and than saves the entire content of the Web page into a .png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp or .gif image file. SiteShoter supports operation via the intuitive graphical user interface or via a command line without using the GUI.

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HoverSnap – Portable Screen Snapshot Tool

HoverSnap is a nice little stand alone Screen Snapshot tool that allows users to take pictures of their desktop and manipulate the output format of the Screen shot. It supports captured full screen, active window or custom area Snapshots. HoverSnap can be stored and run directly from a portable device such as a USB Flash Pen Drive.

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