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RocketDock – Portable Application Launcher

RocketDock is a Free Program Launcher that can be stored and run from a Portable Device. The Portable Start Menu or Portable Application Launcher resembles a Mac OSX Dock and can be used to launch programs via the shortcuts you create by simply dragging and dropping application executables onto RocketDock.

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SyMenu – Portable Start Menu

SyMenu is a Portable Start Menu for USB devices. It can be used much like a Windows Start button to quickly launch your portable software applications and programs from the USB device. Registering new applications to be added to the SyMenu right click menu is a simple drag and drop affair, making SyMenu Portable Start Menu a very intuitive and super easy to use USB Launcher.

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PStart – Portable Start Menu

PStart is a simple FREE portable start menu that can be run from a USB drive or your local HD allowing it’s user quick access to specified applications and programs. PStart is dockable to the system tray for easy access and was designed to run portable applications. It is typically used to start any program that will from USB devices or removable disks. PStart requires 768KB for completely portable installation.

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