Portable File Synchronization - Software

Free Backup and Sync Software – ZBack

ZBack - Free Backup and Synchronization Software

ZBack is a Portable Free Backup and Synchronization Software Utility created by David Zorc, Zagreb, Croatia. ZBack can be used to Synchronize, Mirror or Backup directories, files or entire drives. ZBack works between USB, internal or external, and mapped network drives. This Freeware backup utility is portable and sports filtering, automated batch, simple sync, simple backup, and manual mode options.

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ozSync – File Synchronization

ozSync is a Free and Portable File Synchronization Tool.  The utility can be used to synchronize files and folders that reside at different locations and create a backup of the changes.  ozSync features include  pre scheduled, manual and triggered synchronization (live synchronization when file content changes),  complete or incremental file backup capabilities are offered with the ability to automatically store replaced or changed files in a separate backup folder.

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