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View Exif Information JPEG – ExifDataView


ExifDataView is a free portable tool created by NirSoft. It can be used to View the Exif information stored in .jpg files (digital photographs). Exif Data including camera manufacturer, camera model, date picture was taken, digitization software, GPS information (location), ISO speed, exposure time, and more is displayed. This portable Exif Data Tool also supports command line operations.

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Exif Reader


Exif Reader is a Free and portable Exif tool created by Ryuuji Yoshimoto. It can be used to view Exif Metadata of photos taken with modern digital cameras. Information such as make and model of camera used, shutter speed, flash condition, focal length, editing software, print image matching info, unique image id, and much more can be displayed for each picture.

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Portable EXIF Viewer

This Free Portable EXIF Viewer is a software tool that can be used to read and display the EXIF information of JPEG images. Current digital cameras save camera information, software revision information, creation and modification dates and more as EXIF information when an image, photo or picture is created. This Portable EXIF reader enables you to view these image creation and modification details.

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